WS Game Company – Our Interview with Co-Owner, Kerry Addis

Author Bio: Kerry Addis is co-owner and VP of Product Development at WS Game Company. Kerry tackles the creative process from start to finish for WS Game Company’s growing product portfolio. She combines nearly two decades of experience in graphic and industrial design with a lifelong passion for games to bring products to life.

Kerry Addis

Richard: WS fills a unique niche in the toy and game industry. Can you tell us about the company’s history?

Kerry: Founded in 2000 by Dana Silva and Michael Doyle, formerly with Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley and Hasbro, WS Game Company found its roots in selling branded furniture. Dana and Mike approached furniture design with ultimate creativity, creating end tables, coffee tables, pub tables and many more with built-in board games featuring Scrabble and/or Monopoly. In 2009, the company became a tabletop board game licensee of Hasbro and our focus transitioned from furniture to home decor. For the past 12 years we have been providing consumers with premium versions of Hasbro’s classic board games in styles that can fit into any home.

Richard: Can you tell us about the process that goes into creating a new version of a classic game?

Kerry: We re-imagine each game from start to finish approaching the design with enhanced game play in mind accompanied by unmatched luxurious features. While our products are beautiful, they’re made to capture the essence of the classic game with modern features. We begin the design process by working hand-in-hand with our partners to conceptualize a vision of what the updated game will consist of. For example, in our collaboration with Anthropologie on a new Mystery Date Game, representation was at the forefront of the concept so we partnered to create an inclusive edition of the game that, in all aspects of game play, everyone was represented on the board from gender, dating preferences and gender-neutral clothing.

Richard: Your games sell for up to $399. What is the consumer’s motivation for investing in a WS Game? Is it for play, decor, or investment?

Kerry: While we produce high-end and expensive games, our core focus is the quality of materials, modern design and giving the consumer a piece that fits their needs and preferences. Majority of our products are in an accessible range of $24-$100. Those on the higher end are made with premium materials so that players experience enhanced gameplay, display it as a conversation starting coffee table centerpiece or even stow away as a collectible. It’s remarkable to see how our customers have cherished these specialty games and passed them down or gifted them to loved ones. 

Richard: It’s impressive that a company like Hasbro would allow you to be a steward of their best-known brands. What is it about WS that created that confidence?

Kerry: Our relationship with Hasbro has been decades in the making. It all started with our founders Dana and Mike who each had 20 years of experience at Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley ahead of founding WS Game Company. They eventually built a relationship with Hasbro as consultants for specialty projects which lead to attaining a license from Hasbro to manufacture and sell branded furniture. While we have transitioned to solely focusing on tabletop games with myself and my brother, Jonathan Silva, Vice President of Sales & Finance, at the helm of operations, we have continued to develop a close relationship with Hasbro between generation-to-generation of owners through our consistent and unwavering quality of work and craftsmanship.

Richard: Hasbro is celebrating its 100th birthday. Tell us about the Monopoly set you created for the occasion.

Kerry: We were honored to be asked to create a Monopoly game to commemorate a century of Hasbro history. This limited-edition MONOPOLY is particularly special as it highlights the amazing products Hasbro has produced over the last 100 years. Nestled in a collectible, embossed tin box, the board, components and packaging highlight 90 of Hasbro’s most iconic brands, including Transformers, Peppa Pig, Magic: The Gathering, My Little Pony, NERF and Cranium. 

Richard: Do you have any other notable partnerships coming up?

Kerry: In fact, we do! We have an exclusive MONOPOLY slated for this fall with Costco that will be available across all U.S. stores and around the globe. Be sure to keep up with us on LinkedIn for updates on new releases. We’re always seeking new retail and brand partnerships to continue spreading the joy that tabletop games bring to families.

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