AI Generated Art & Copyrights: What you need to know

By: Gary Man

Gary Man – Founder and Creative Director of Bumblebee Studios Limited has been actively using A.I. Gary has prepared a series of articles discussing best practices, pluses, and minuses of using Artificial Intelligence. The below article, is therefore the first in a series.

Gary is a prolific toy designer and inventor, Gary’s clientele includes a diverse clientele from 12+ countries around the globe. Gary was one of the pioneers introducing AI design to Toy companies. He also created TOY AIDEAS & AIPRECIATIONS groups at FaceBook, dedicated to introducing AI applications in toy design. All art in this article was created by Gary using AI.

That is not an AI simulation of Gary. He is really that cool.

A designer friend once asked me, “Do you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for design?”
I responded, “Yes, I work with AI for design development, research, new product naming, and

“You…work with AIs? My designer friend asked me with extra curiosity. I let him know that my relationship and mindset and that of my designers have changed from
“using AI as tools” to “working with AI as partners.”

Just a few months ago, we gave traditional design software our instructions for it to execute; that is a direct user & tool relationship. But a few months later, our mindset gradually changed when we started working with AI.

It is because when AI handles jobs, we explain what we need & state our problems and let the AI handle the rest and find possible solutions; then, we make choices and enhance our choices with AI to get the surprising results we seek. With this mindset change, the actual effectiveness and creativity of AI may be fully demonstrated.

AI for Toy Design

Use the AI chatbot for research & information preparations, data analysis, naming, copywriting, generating specific image prompts…etc. General-purpose Chat bot like Bing, Chat GPT, Bard, Cleverbot,…etc.

For AI image generator, Midjourney, Stable Difussion, Doll e, Craiyon, Dream, Adobe Fire Fly Beta (Please double check for membership terms for commercial use & copyrights). All of the above AI image generators can provide high-quality visualizations, depending on personal preferences and particular needs.

Combining these two AIs will start your AI design journeys.

However, there have been discussions about AI image generators in commercial use, mainly concerning copyright issues, which might have been reasons for some toy companies to feel hesitant to create designs with AIs.

To be continued

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