Bumpas, the Emotional Support Bunny from the Creator of Ugly Doll

By: Marlene Sharp and her dog, Blanche DuBois Sharp

July 3, 2023

Hello, and holy smokes! It’s the smell of fireworks out there, and it’s also me, Blanche, with something to calm those of you who hate the season but not the reason. In the good ol’ USA, we celebrate independence around this time every year, but it’s loud and terrifying. That’s why Mama and I are happy that Bumpas came into our lives!

Bumpas is a bunch of heavy-weighted bunny blanket-like, drape-y, pillow-y, squishy toys that look like my bed but are much sturdier and more flexible. They are supposed to be for humans, meaning dogs love them a lot. The inventor of Bumpas is a smart dude named Drew Matilsky, also co-founder of Uglydolls. His company is named GOOD SOUL BRANDS, which makes Mama and me wanna dance. So we did.

Our beboppin’ Bumpas arrived in the mail, so Mama and I unboxed it in a video. It’s our first time filming this kind of event, so please do not judge us harshly or hardly at all. In short, we love our Bumpas and will share the giant rabbit until Mama springs for another one just for me, Blanche, on Amazon or someplace like that.

Here’s some heartfelt stuff that Drew Matilsky wants folks to know about Bumpas. He says, “Giving and getting hugs is a sign of trust and love. I created Bumpas to give people of all ages a product that can love, hug, and protect.”

Mama is curious whether she could produce a cartoon TV show or movie about Bumpas and me. I need to know because I tend to star in all of Mama’s movies, even if they are not about fluffy white dogs. Mr. Drew says, “Each character has a unique personality and story that helps children better identify with them and helps stimulate imaginative play. These quirky characteristics would make it fun to explore other content. Still, we haven’t decided on that at this point.”

Conclusion: Mama, we’re in the running!

Now, please excuse us while we go back to snuggling with our emotional support stuffed animal and forgetting the pyrotechnics. We pledge allegiance to Bumpas!

Watch the epic mother-dog-daughter video review here:

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