Quotes with Your Coffee #10 – Workers demand $20 an hour, Offshoring a threat to white collar workers who work from home, Las Vegas on a winning streak

When offshoring methodically disemboweled the Rust Belt, white-collar Americans thrived, …safe in the knowledge that their jobs could not be outsourced easily to cheap foreign rivals. Now, some economists say the remote-work revolution may have changed that almost overnight.“If you can do your job from home, be scared. Be very scared,” Richard Baldwin, an economist at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, said in a recent video. “Because somebody in India … or wherever is willing to do it for much less.”

The remote revolution could lead to offshoring Armageddon, Andrew Van Dam, August 26, 2022

More job searchers are looking for work that pays $20 an hour, surpassing searches for $15 an hour

https://www.axios.com/2022/08/30/for-job-searchers-20-per-hour-is-the-new-15For job searchers, $20 per hour is the new $15, Emily peck, axios, august 30, 2022
Nevada bagged its 17th consecutive month of surpassing $1 billion in gaming revenue, as gamblers rang up $1.3 billion in July. That’s a more than 28% increase from pre-pandemic levels in July 2019. So far, the Silver State is up almost 16% calendar year to date, but it’s still “debatable” whether 2022 will eclipse last year’s record $13.4 billion revenue.
Forbes: Snap Layoffs; Bed Bath & Beyond’s Turnaround; Sin City’s Winning Streak, Laura Smythe, August 31, 2022

“UK products are often more expensive, but for supply chain managers the most expensive product is the one that does not arrive at all.”

“UK Consumers Face ‘Lack of Choice’ Not Shortages From Port Strike,” Brendan Murrary, Bloomberg, August 24, 2022

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