It’s a Bear Market for Toy Industry Stocks – The TTI Composite Toy Stock Index Down 9%

The stock market is undergoing its longest losing streak since 2001, twenty-one years ago. Tech stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) have led the rout.

But how have the toy stocks done?

The Toy Intelligencer Composite Toy Stock Index tracks toy and toy-related stocks on a year-to-year basis. The composite consists of toy stocks and toy interrelated stocks. The list, therefore, consists of six toy companies, one ocean freight carrier (Maersk), one testing company (Intertek), one retailer (Walmart), and one entertainment company (Walt Disney).

Due to the recent volatility, we wanted to see how the index has been doing during this week’s slide. In order to do so, we calculated the winners and losers (mostly losers) over the last four days.

Below is the results of the calculation. The composite Index was down 9%, led by Walmart, which was -20% from Monday through Thursday. Other stocks which struggled include Mattel -11% and Funko -10%. Spin Master was able to eke out a 1% gain.

	            19-May-22		         16-May-22
MATTEL	              $23.25	       -11%	   $26.11
HASBRO	              $86.76	        -5%	   $91.73
JAKKS	              $13.52	        -6%	   $14.43
SPIN MASTER	      $35.04	        +1%	   $34.55
FUNKO	              $18.84	       -10%	   $20.87
MAERSK SHIPPING LINE  $13.89	         1%	   $13.70
INTERTEK TESTING      $61.31	         2%	   $60.36
WALMART	             $119.08	       -20%	   $149.73
BUILD A BEAR	      $18.58	         0%	   $18.63
WALT DISNEY COMPANY  $100.59	        -6%	  $107.46
COMPOSITE INDEX	      $49.09	        -9%	   $53.76

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