Experts Caution: 2022 Supply Chain Could Be Worse Than 2021

The Maritime Executive, a respected source for maritime intelligence, carries an ominous headline: “Predictions of Supply Chain “Chaos” as Shanghai Resumes Shipping:

A new survey of 200 individuals from across the container logistics industry conducted by logistics platform Container xChange forecasts that this year’s summer peak season cargo surge will be even more chaotic for global supply chains than the 2021 peak shipping season.

Predictions of Supply Chain “Chaos” as Shanghai Resumes Shipping,” The Maritime Executive,

Underlining the survey is a note of caution from maritime supply chain research organization, Drewry, that “…the Shanghai rebound is likely to support a strong peak season and new capacity shortage.

The concern comes from the impending reopening of Shanghai and with it the resumption of manufacturing and shipping, which has been shut down for the last two months. The reopening will create a tidal wave of merchandise hitting the ports. The surge will tax all supply chain systems just as the world hits peak shipping season this summer.

There is, however, one good sign. The U.S. ports, both east and west coasts, have reduced or eliminated the backups that have been causing long waits for ships to unload. Let’s hope that makes a difference as they deal with yet another surge of imports.

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