Can Teachers Influence Toy Purchases? [Ad]

Yes! Teachers are the best type of influencer for your toy brand with the ability to drive sales. Let us show you how.

Every day teachers lead, inform and communicate ideas and information with authority to millions of young minds. Parents trust teachers with their child’s development, education, and safety. In fact, for parents of young children, teachers are the most trusted source of information.

A teacher’s influence on young families is unparalleled.

There are over 5 million early childhood educators and elementary school teachers in North America. Each teacher directly influences an average of 25 children and 40 parents or guardians. At MIR Play, we call that the power of 65. Multiply the number of teachers by the power of 65, and bam…that’s a lot of influence!

Next, provide these millions of teacher influencers with content that connects your toy to educational outcomes and classroom learning.

Imagine a customized curriculum based on your toy’s play attributes. Imagine that classroom learning is supported by in-class posters, branded toy premiums, activities for kids, and even hands-on play with your toy. Add custom published take-home content about your toy’s play, and educational values that engage parents, and you have a fully integrated in-school marketing campaign.

It is this formula that will motivate parents to purchase.

If you are interested in exploring how a MIR Play can tap into the power of teachers as influencers of your toy brand, email us at to arrange a time to connect.

If you feel intrigued but want a little more information before connecting, watch this video to learn more about the MIR method.

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