How Lego’s Monkie Kid Deal with Amazon Could Change Toy Licensing

By Gary Symons

Gary Symons, Editor in Chief of The Licensing Letter, is a 35-year multi-award-winning journalism and media relations veteran. Mr. Symons has derived a wealth of experience and knowledge from his years in journalism and as an entrepreneur, having founded a successful tech company and later a consultancy, “Deep Incite.” Gary returned to journalism in 2020 when he joined The Licensing Letter. Mr. Symons has just completed his first novel, Burning Earth: Climate Wars, “about the geopolitical conflicts created by runaway global warming.”

LEGO is taking its first steps in a partnership with Amazon Kids+, as the hit Asian series Monkie Kid debuted on the streamer on Sept. 9.

And that deal is much more than just a content agreement. In fact, it could point to a huge advantage for Amazon that changes the way toy companies look at content and product licensing, and who they choose to work with.

The Monkie Kid is the first agreement that will see Amazon winning both the streaming rights and the product distribution rights in a single deal.

“This is profound, this is really an historic moment,” said Richard Gottlieb, the founder and CEO of Global Toy Experts, and Publisher of Global Toy News. “I mean, Walmart, Amazon and Target can all sell lots and lots of product, but what Amazon has that Walmart and Target do not have is the ability to stream video to a very broad audience.

“This will deepen and broaden brand equity, brand visibility, and should really boost sales. It’s huge.”


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