Our Chinese Friends

We are the toy industry, and we are a family.


I, like many of you, am fortunate to have friends from Hong Kong and China. We have become close through years of working, eating, and drinking together. Our meetings have taken place in company offices but also at parties, in restaurants and clubs, and even a racetrack. We get together in Hong Kong, Nuremberg,  Shanghai, London, New York City, Shenzhen, and places around the world. We are all members of the global toy family.

Here is my story. When the worst of the Coronavirus epidemic had passed in China and was at its worst here,  four of my Chinese friends, without my asking, each independently offered to send me masks and other protective products. I will always be grateful for their kind gesture. I am sure that many of you have had similar experiences.

Unfortunately, due to the anxiety arising from the Coronavirus and questions regarding its origin, there have been some attacks, mostly verbal but some physical, on Chinese and Asians living in the United States. There have not been many but enough to cause concern. I am sure you will join me in standing up and condemn the scapegoating of anyone due to their race, religion, gender, religion, or creed.

We are the toy industry, and we are a family.

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  1. Thank you Richard,
    I agree with you. I have many Chinese Friends and business partners who have been valuable in their support over decades. It’s horrible when people and government feel that it’s easier to blame and have a scapegoat instead of taking responsibility and working towards a global solution. It’s the only way forward for what happens in the world now. Interconnectedness!

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