If a Group of Geese is a Gaggle, What Do You Call a Group of Toy People?


I was standing with some toy industry veterans during Toy Fair when one of them laughingly asked: What do you call a group of Toy People? Now, to digress a moment, let me state that people have been providing names to different animal groups since the 1400's.

We are all familiar with a "Swarm of Bees", "Caravan of Camels", "School of Fish", "Litter of Cats", "Pack of Dogs", and a "Gaggle of Geese". You may not, however, be as familiar with a "Murder of Crows", "Army of Frogs", "Tower of Giraffes", "Prickle of Pocuipines", or a "Fever of Stingrays".

I find these names to be a lot of fun, so I began to ponder: "What should we call a group of Toy People?"

Here are some ideas:

Carton of Toy People

Container of Toy People

Endcap of Toy People

Factory of Toy People

Four Foot Section of Toy People

Giggle of Toy People

Inner Carton of Toy People

Laughter of Toy People

Tickle of Toy People

I would love to hear the names you would propose.


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