The 25 Most Successful Brands


TitleMax has created this fascinating infographic that details "The 25 Highest-Grossing Media Franchises of All Time. "

The first thing that surprised me was that none of the Disney properties were number 1. That distinction goes to #1 Pokemon, followed by #2 Hello Kitty, #3 Mickey Mouse, #4 Winnie the Pooh, and #5 Star Wars.

Surprisingly, at least to me, seven of the top 25 are Manga titles: #6 Anpanman, #9 Shōnen, #13 Gundam, #15 Dragon Ball Z, #17 Fist of the North Star, #20 One Piece, and #23 Yu-Gi-Oh. Even more surprising, a Manga title, #6 Anpanman, was bigger than #7 Disney Princesses, #10 Harry Potter, and #12 Spiderman.

Mattel's Barbie is number 16, while Hasbro's Transformers come in at 25.

Here is how the list breaks out by product category:

Manga                       7 Titles

Books                        4 Titles

Video Games            2 Titles

Movies                       5 Titles

Comic Books             2 Titles

Doll                           1 Titles

Costumes                 1 Title

Animated Series       1 Title

Comic Strips             1 Title

Vinyl                          1 Title

The biggest surprise, at least for me, was that Marvel and Spiderman were in the middle of the pack at #11 and #12. It just shows that the world of characters and brands is much bigger and more diverse than we might think.


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