Most Popular Children’s Intellectual Property; I Find Less Gender Bias

I came upon a list of top boys' and girls' intellectual property this week*. I studied it carefully and was surprised to find that there was a surprisingly large number of properties enjoyed by both genders.

I analyzed the list in detail and fount that fully one-third were enjoyed by both genders. In fact, five of the top six categories on the girls' side are also found with the boy's favorites.

I find this of note because toys have historically been one of the most gender-segregated product categories. For decades the toy industry has notified girls and boys with what they were allowed to play by color-coding (that ubiquitous use of pink for girls), signage (Boys Toys and Girls Toys), and packaging (boys had long predominated in ads and boxes).

The toy industry has made an effort over the last few years to stop providing gender guidance and let kids choose. I think that maybe why we see such a high percentage of cross-over IP. I also believe that girls, encouraged by parents, are taking back some of the play categories (think construction and video games) that had become boy's domains.

On the next page is the list. I have gone through and color-coded those that are popular with both boys and girls. Also, the IP is ranked in order of popularity by gender. Please share your thoughts.


GIRLS              BOYS
LOL Surprise                   Lego
Toy Story                          Nerf
Roblox   Avengers
Secret Life of Pets   Minecraft
Lego   Fortnite
The Lion King   Ironman
Aladdin   Captain Marvel
Disney Princesses   Spiderman
American Girl   Batman
Minions   Guardians of the Galaxy
Barbie   Toy Story
My Little Pony   Hot Wheels
Descendents   Teen Titans Go
Shopkins   Roblox
Hatchimals   Captain America
The Incredibles   The Incredibles
Frozen   Mario Kart
Pikmi Pops   Secret Life of Pets
Ty   Jurassic World
Scholastic   Pokemon
Trolls   Transformers
Nerf   Minions
Poopsie   Scholastic
Mario Kart   Black Panther
Little Live Pets   Star Wars
Diary of a Wimpy Kid   Sonic the Hedgehog
FurReal   Call of Duty
Littlest Pet Shoppe   Superman
Num Noms   TMNT
JoJo Siwa   The Lion King


*I am very particular about providing the source and crediting the author and researcher. I have, however, lost the source and, although I have spent a lot of time searching the Internet, have been unable to recover it. My apologies to whoever the author and publication is.  If recognized please contact me so I can immediatelyi credit the author and publication.

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  1. I read this list with great interest as well and was pleased by the amount of cross-over. I was surprised to see Diary of a Wimpy Kids, an IP I thought was boy territory, in the Girls list only. Similarly, three IPs I thought had cross-over appeal – Captain Marvel, Teen Titans Go and Pokemon – were only in the Boys list.

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