And the winner is… New York City!

By: Jay Foreman

Well it’s official Toy Fair is back home. Sometimes you have to take a trip down a bumpy road in the rain and snow only to end up back where you started!

Toy Fair is back in NYC according to a memo put out by the TA and its board ( The board met last week to address the concerns of the members about Toy Fair moving to mid January and to New Orleans. The board decided that the best path forward was to pivot back to NY and remain in Q1 with the goal of getting a time back in February. The association also indicated that it would work with members and retailers to help organize a broader event in LA in the fall of each year including 2024. 

I think we should all commend the board for its willingness to be so responsive and make a tough call on behalf of the industry. 

If this process of moving the big show to fall and now back to winter illustrated anything it is the two sides of our business, one that works far in advance and one that works on a tighter time frame. Each will have to figure out the unique value of each show’s timing and how best to take advantage of the the market weeks in LA and show in NY.   If ever….LA will have to wait a few more years for the official Toy Fair! 

Well good luck everyone for a great end of the holiday season…Ship, ship, ship!!!

Jay Foreman, CEO

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  1. And if your not an employee of an exhibitor or buyer you get hit with a 300 admission fee. or is it $400 next year………Toy background means nothing, …I remember staying at †he Roosevelt years ago….when it was a decent hotel with paying customers….

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