Toy Fair – Where are the Mexicans?

In a few weeks, we will be attending Toy Fair. While there, we will see Canadians and Americans engaged in buying, selling, and networking. But where are the Mexicans?

What puzzles me is that Mexico, part of North America and a partner in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), is dramatically under-represented.

Review the data below (Statista) and you will discover that Mexico’s population is almost three times the size of Canada’s, its toy revenues are 11% higher, and its child population is more than five times bigger.


U.S. 331.9 million

Mexico 126.7 million

Canada 38.25 million


U.S. 27 Billion U.S.$

Mexico 1.32 Billion U.S.$

Canada 1.17 Billion U.S.$

Child Population (Children age 1-12)

U.S. 210 million

Mexico 27.4 million

Canada 4.9 Million

All data sourced from Statista.

I would like to see a real effort put into getting more Mexican representation at Toy Fair and other events. If you would like to learn more about the Mexican toy market, check out these articles:

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  1. Our clients Juguetimax (the largest pop culture distributor in MX) and Versa Licensing will be quite active at NYTF. Please contact John Parker at Patencio Development if there’s interest in selling your products or developing your brands in Mexico. Further, we will be publishing a study of Mexico pop culture opportunities on LinkedIn in advance of Toy Fair. Please connect with us to obtain key market insights.

  2. Hi Richard. Retailers from Mexico are on board. A delegation of four people from our partners at Asociación Mexicana de la Industria del Juguete (AMIJU) that The Toy Association works very closely with will be coming to Toy Fair to explore a national pavilion of companies in the next show. With Spielwarenmesse World of Toys, France, China, and India doing national pavilions in 2023, seems like opportunity for growth. Mexico is also poised to expand as an important nearshoring manufacturing resource in the coming years, so hopefully the future is bright.

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