Toys “R” Us Is Heading to Mexico

One thing I can say for this most recent iteration of Toys R Us is, “It’s certainly not boring.” Toys R Us owner, WHP Global, has successfully opened Toys R Us outlets within most of Macy’s stores. Now, Geoffrey the Giraffe et al. are heading to Mexico.

WHP is following the same strategy in Mexico used in the U.S. The exception is that they are working with the Mexican department store chain Liverpool instead of Macy’s. I have in the past visited Liverpool stores and was impressed by the appearance and merchandising in the stores.

The Mexican retailer El Puerto de Liverpool generated roughly 151 billion Mexican pesos in revenue in 2021. This amounts to approximately 7.5 billion U.S. dollars, considering the exchange rates of May 2022.

Statista, May 19, 2022

WHP has plans for a number of Toys R Us outlets in Liverpool stores. WHP also intends to offer an e-commerce platform as well. It is unclear how many Liverpool stores will be involved, but it could be a full chain roll-out if Liverpool has the same success enjoyed by Macy’s.

Founded in 1847 and operating 136 stores under the Liverpool banner, it appears that WHP has chosen a solid partner.

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