Little People revisit NFL big time

By: Marlene Sharp

Marlene Sharp is the proud proprietor of Pink Poodle Productions.

My, how Little People have grown!

Since their early 2023 Super Bowl LVII toy tribute, Fisher-Price®’s Little People have overta
the entire NFL. In fact, Little People American pro football infiltration has spread – contagion-
style – to other divisions of proud parent company Mattel. There has yet to be a Little People Barbie®, x NFL collab, but hope is on the horizon!

Today, Mattel air horns the arrival of Fisher-Price’s NFL Little People Collector™ sets via Available for orders of all 32 NFL teams (and for the first time), the
exclusive sets contain three uniformed players and one hilarious fan in Little People likenesses.
Packaging is collectible, too, because it features customized team catch-phrases and color
palettes. Each tiny team devotee has clever, team-specific face paint, too. The New Orleans
Saints stan is a standout with his fleur-de-lis brows and nose. As they say in NOLA . . . Who dat?!
(It could be one of this author’s authentic Crescent City cousins, that’s who!) Who dat?! It’s a Little People homage to the New Orleans Saints!

To spotlight some of the gridiron’s most famous players, several groupings feature individualized specialty sculpts, such as Patrick Mahomes II, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, and Von Miller. Others showcase superstars like Micah Parsons, Travis Kelce, Deebo Samuel, T.J. Watt, and more in their respective helmets and jerseys.

“Our 2023 Little People Collector NFL Series celebrates the football superfan inside all of us,
which is why we are thrilled to unveil these exclusive sets for all 32 NFL teams,” said Chuck
Scothon, SVP and General Manager of Fisher-Price. “Whether you’re a football enthusiast or a
die-hard fan, these sets are a must-have piece of sports memorabilia that celebrates each and
every team, plus the fans and the players that make this sport truly great.”

In addition to the boxed sets, Mattel also presents the Little People Collector: FANtasy Frenzy
Sweepstakes. Fantasy football leagues need not daydream any longer; the winning collective
(up to 12 players max) snags a custom figure set. In other words, each victorious pretend player
is destined for transformation into his/her/their very own Little People plastic person with a
tailored jersey and matching collector’s carton. Fantasy league entries are welcome from
August 21 until September 7 at

Mattel proves that its NFL largesse extends beyond Fisher-Price’s Little People. Stalwart
bestselling card game UNO® debuts an NFL deck with comprehensive team colors and graphics, plus a new “Ice the Kicker” component that adds exceptions to its rules. American Girl® celebrates with all 32 officially-licensed NFL cheer uniforms, specialty fan gear, and team tee shirts—sized specifically for the brand’s 18-inch dolls. This turn of events sets yours truly to
brainstorming . . . Could an American Girl Café sports stadium menu salute be in the works? Is there a Super Bowl half-time show/concert in rehearsals now? How about NFL-inspired extreme fan hairdos inside American Girl Place styling salons? An American Girl x NFL float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade? The possibilities are endless and intriguing . . . and remain to be seen. But like a go fantasy football aficionado, the writer dares to dream big!

On another personal note, the fingers of this doll hoarder/curator still are crossed for a snazzy fashion doll nod to Super Bowl LVIII or perhaps the NFL writ large . . . Go, Barbie, go! Given Barbie’s gigantic, record-setting feature film, a true NFL coup might be small(ish) potatoes and finally within reach! Hooray!

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