Toy Hall of Fame Reveal

I am proud to be a voting member of the National Toy Hall of Fame. Located at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, its a great place to visit in person, and if you can’t get there, via the internet.

Each year the voters receive an extensive list of nominees complete with an in-depth history and a list of each toys assets. The 2022 inductees are:

The Top


Masters of the Universe

These are worthy additions to the Toy Hall of Fame. The Top is one of the world’s oldest toys, while Lite-Brite brought Pointillism, an art form using dots, to the world of play. And in doing so, prefigured the computer screen with its use of pixels. And, of course, Masters of the Universe is in the collective memory of thirty and forty-year-old adults.

Pay a visit to the Strong, and bring your children. It is worth the trip.

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