The World’s Top Brands – How Toy Companies Fared

Interbrand has released its list of the world’s top 100 brands. Entitled Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2022, the report provides a list of top brands based on their monetary value. Not surprisingly, the top five are tech companies.

But what about toy brands? Did any of them make the list? I analyzed the list looking for brands that are either toy companies or companies that interact with the toy industry. For example, I included McDonald’s because they are not just about food. They are the biggest producer of toys in the world in units due to their Happy Meals.

Here are the brands that made the list with their rankings.

3 Amazon

9 Walt Disney

11 McDonald’s

63 Lego

68 Nintendo

Lego came in 63rd, ahead of names like Tiffany, Fed Ex, Ford, Budweiser, 3M, and Prada. Not only did Lego make the list, but Interbrand singled them out as one of the fifteen brands with the most significant increases in brand value, up 30%.

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