TikTok for Toy Advertising; Its Gen Z’s Preferred Choice

Users spend almost twice as hours per week on TikTok than they do on Facebook.”


Where do you want to spend your advertising money? The Internet offers so many choices, and with Facebook and Google dominating, it is hard to know.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand which platforms are getting the most time from users. For that reason, I was struck by a Bloomberg article by Zheping Huang. The report, “TikTok Turns On the Money Machine,” describes TikTok as,

“The most downloaded app of 2021, TikTok has surged to a billion-plus global users, who consume an infinite feed of short clips delivered instantly by algorithm.”

TikTok Turns On the Money Machine,

The article reports that TikTok’s advertising revenue is bigger than Twitter and Snapchat combined. You can understand why because users spend almost twice as many hours per week on TikTok than they do on Facebook (28.7 hours for Tik Tok versus 15.5 hours for Facebook).

Gen Z parents are the biggest fans of TikTok and are the ones driving most of the increasing interest. Here is how Jo Cronk, President of Whalar, puts it:

“TikTok is TV for Gen Z. If you want your brand, your product, your service to get attention with Gen Z, that’s just a non-negotiable today.”

TikTok Turns On the Money Machine,

So, when it’s time to carve up that advertising budget, take a long look at TikTok. It may be your best opportunity to speak to your targeted parents.

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