America’s Most Trusted Companies – How the Toy Industry Fared

Newsweek has teamed up with Statista to rank America’s Most Trusted Companies.” Here is how Newsweek puts it:

Newsweek and Statista … looked at publicly traded U.S. corporations in 22 industries with $500 million or more in annual revenues and then surveyed 50,000 U.S. residents. The result is a list of 400 companies Americans trust the most.

America’s most trusted companies 2022, newsweek

Among the questions asked were ones that inquired about how respondents felt companies treated their employees and customers. I have gone through the list and have pulled out the toy or toy-related companies. Here they are with their rankings:


Twenty-five consumer goods companies made the list; three were toy companies.

Hasbro #1, Funko #5, and Mattel #8.

As the list only included publicly held companies, we don’t know how Lego would have ranked.


The retail list contained 32 companies. Fifteen were toy-related.

Kroger #4, Amazon #5, Tractor Supply #9, Costco #10, Albertsons #12, Burlington #15, JoAnn #16, Target #17, Weiss Markets #19, Dicks Sporting Goods #20, Bj’s #25, TJX #27, Walmart #30, and Dollar Tree #32.

I found the retail list to be of particular interest. Kroger was ranked higher than Amazon, Tractor Supply higher than Costco. Walmart and Dollar Tree made the list but came out at the bottom.


There were fifteen companies listed under Media & Entertainment, and three were toy-related.

Scholastic #3, Netflix #4, Discovery #5, and Walt Disney #6.

Interesting that Scholastic came out ahead of the Walt Disney Company.

What are your thoughts on the list? Were you surprised?

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