Jazwares and The Emergence of Toy Powerhouse: Jeremy Padawer, Part 1

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Jeremy Padawer, a partner in Jazwares, talks with Richard and Chris about his stellar career that began in a kids’ store when he was 16, progressed through Mattel and Jakks Pacific, and later in Wicked Cool Toys, which was acquired by Jazwares.

Padawer brings his unique sensibility and great personality to an insightful conversation that covers his career, the current market situation, and the Jazwares strategy for growth as the company aims to be a billion-dollar toy powerhouse. From leveraging properties to strategic thinking, you’ll want to hear this.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the conversation where Padawer will talk about the collectible business and his position as the world’s largest Pokémon collector. (29 minutes)

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