Kids Turn to Audio for Escapism, Education and Entertainment

According to Kids Insights US data, there has been a 62% increase in listening to podcasts over the last 12 months.

US kids aged 3-12 spend an extra 14 minutes awake post lockdown than they did pre-lockdown, and with more flexibility as to when and what they can explore in their digital ecosystem.

To help brands understand children’s media consumption, The Insights People launch their revolutionary Media Planning tool.


The Insights People, global leader in kids, parents and family marketing intelligence, has noticed a surge in popularity for podcasts in its most recent Digital Download report.

Kids Insights, part of The Insights People, surveys more than 5,000 children every week aged 3-18 in 13 countries across five continents and in total surveys more than 277,000 kids. Digital Download reports explore the attitudes, behaviors, and consumption patterns of kids, in particular, their online lives, from their use of technology and devices to their favorite content across all media they have access to.

In the latest report, the data showed a surge in the popularity of audio and specifically podcasts. It is widely predicted that this year, the podcast market will surpass $1 billion worldwide, while Joe Rogan’s $100 million distribution deal with Spotify marks a statement of intent as to become leaders in the industry. The company has also acquired Megaphone, a podcast advertising and publishing company, to make advertising on the platform more effective,

US tweens and teens are most likely to listen to arts podcasts. According to Kids Insights US data, there has been a 62% increase from Q1 2020 to Q4 2020, with culture (+41%), tv and film (+39%) and comedy (+33%) podcasts all increasing over the same period, too. Comedy podcasts are the most popular podcast type for kids aged 3-12. This category has enjoyed +22% growth from Q3 to Q4 2020.

Before lockdown kids in the US aged 3-12 were sleeping 7 hours 31mins on average per day. Post-lockdown this has decreased, spending 3% more time awake as a result of lockdown (now sleeping 7 hours 17mins). This provides kids an extra 14 minutes in their day.

Listening to music increased +27% (now 33 mins), showing the increased demand to listen to new content including music and podcasts. Watching TV declined a further -6% providing another four mins in their day. Going on the internet increased +34% with kids spending almost an hour a day on online platforms.

All of these stats indicate that the extra time these kids are awake has added to their consumption time, allowing podcasts to grow without taking time away from online platforms, such as YouTube. On the other hand, this increase in listening to podcasts may have come from watching linear TV.

Audio consumption in general is an outlet people are turning to during the pandemic, whether it’s for escapism, education or entertainment.

According to a report published by the British Phonography Institute (BPI) the UK record labels’ association the recorded music consumption rose by 8.2% in 2020 in the UK, which totals more than 155 million albums or their equivalent either streamed or purchased by fans.

BPI also reports on the resurrection of audio cassettes, with sales in 2020 doubling from the previous year, and topping the sales list was US artist Lady Gaga and her release of Chromatica on cassette.

With such unexpected surges across the kid’s ecosystem, it is more important than ever that brands understand their audience, as the kids media landscape continues to evolve and fragment. Kids also have more influence and decision-making power within the home than any other previous generation. With this in mind, The Insights People has created the first real-time global media planning tool for kids, which will allow planners and marketeers to choose the right media mix for their campaigns. To organize a demo of this new feature please visit:

In addition to exploring the audio habits of kids, The Insights People is also able to provide real-time data insights on parents and family audio habits – and indeed, all areas of the parent and family ecosystem. The company recently launched Parents Insights, a new service that went live on the 1January 2021 and surveys more than 2,600 parents of children aged 1-16 every week, totaling more than 130,000 parents per year across 13 countries. To learn more about the attitudes, behavior and consumption patterns of kids, parents and families, and to get freemium access to our real-time data portal, please visit:

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