Alex Tongue, CEO of Vango Toys on Entrepreneurship, Innovation & the Power of Social Media

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Join Richard and Chris as we continue our series on Upstarts and Innovators with a conversation with Alex Tongue, CEO and founder of Vango Toys. Hear how this 27-year-old entrepreneur took the tremendous risk to start a new toy company even in a pandemic and the success of his first product, The Upside Down Challenge. Richard, Chris and Alex talk about the power of social media, how it’s upending promotion and driving sales, its  use and how to judge its effectiveness. Alex represents a new generation of toy maker, and we’re excited to bring you his story and insights.

In The Endcap, Richard and Chris discuss the current political state of Tik Tok and WeChat. It’s a fluid situation with many implications for the toy business, and toy marketing. (36 minutes)

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