Who Are the Top Toy, Licensing, and Entertainment Related Brands?

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Brandz.com has just released its Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, 2020.” The list includes those in everything from Banking to Cars. I have gone through the list and picked out those companies which are most related to the Toy, Entertainment, and Licensing industries.

The below list tells us that Toy, Licensing, and Entertainment brands amount to 17% of the entire list of 100. Of the 17 companies I cite below, ten are from the United States, five are from China, and one is from Germany.

Six of the companies are in retail, four are in technology, one is in fast food, five are in entertainment, and one is a lifestyle platform.

I find it very interesting that the number two retail brand is from China, as is the number one technology brand. China-based Tencent is the largest video gaming company in the world. It is also in entertainment, retail, and social media. Meituan, another Chinese company, is active in selling consumer products and entertainment. We all know about TikTok’s meteoric rise, but it was surprising to see just how big the company has become.

U.S. retailers Amazon, Walmart, and Costco share the list with Chinese retailers Alibaba and JD.com. That shows that the U.S. and China are definitely the place to be if you are in toys, licensing or entertainment.

Here they are in order of their brand equity:

  1. AMAZON – Retail- United States (Top 100 Ranking #1)
  2. ALIBABA – Retail – China (Top 100 Ranking #6)
  3. TENCENT – Technology – China (Top 100 Ranking #7)
  4. FACEBOOK – Technology – United States (Top 100 Ranking #8)
  5. MCDONALDS – Fast Food – United States (Top 100 Ranking #9)
  6. THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY – Entertainment – United States (Top 100 Ranking #22)
  7. NETFLIX – Entertainment – United States (Top 100 Ranking #26)
  8. WALMART – Retail – United States (Top 100 Ranking #27)
  9. INSTAGRAM – Technology – United States (Top 100 Ranking #29)
  10. YOUTUBE – Entertainment – United States (Top 100 Ranking #37)
  11. LINKEDIN – Technology – United States (Top 100 Ranking #43)
  12. COSTCO – Retail – United States (Top 100 Ranking #47)
  13. JD.COM – Retail – China (Top 100 Ranking #52)
  14. MEITUAN – Lifestyle Platform – China (Top 100 Ranking #54)
  15. XBOX – Entertainment – United States (Top 100 Ranking #65)
  16. TIKTOK – Entertainment – China (Top 100 Ranking #79)
  17. ALDI – Retail – Germany (Top 100 Ranking #84)

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