San Diego Comic-Con Hasn’t Cancelled Yet; That Could Change


I have had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the San Diego Comic-Con, definite must-attend event if you are work in the world of toys, comics, movies, and gaming.  One of my distinct memories was how packed was the show floor. I found it, at times, almost impossible to make my way through the crowds. Those crowds are going to be a concern if Comic-Con takes place, as planned, July 23-26.


I say “if” because, as of now, it is scheduled to take place.  It is hard to believe, however,  that it will take place as planned. If it does occur, what movie studio is going to want to risk sending its stars to sign autographs? Actually, what actor would attend even if the studio wanted them to participate? Similarly, what publisher wants to send its creatives, what video game companies their designers and on and on?

I do, however, believe a large number of fans would attend no matter what the circumstances. Those who fervently follow comic books and superhero movies, art and storylines are more than fans. They are a community, a sub-culture,  who, when asked, refer to their fellow fans as “my people.” San Diego Comic-Con is a significant event for them, and they fully immerse themselves in the annual gathering.

Never-the-less, no matter how passionate the following, it seems highly unlikely to me that Comic-Con can occur in July unless significant changes in how the crowds are managed. Limiting the number of people on the floor at one time is one thing when managing a crowd of 100 at a Wal-Mart store but a completely different thing when you are doing so with 160,000 people.

It’s a great event. Let’s hope when word comes down that it’s just a postponement and not a cancellation.

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