COVID19 Survey Response to Question 1: “My Bricks and Mortar Business Is Currently:”

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 11.25.15 AMLast week we asked toy industry retailers to fill out a survey of six questions entitled: “Survey: Toy Industry Outlook During COVID-19." We had intended to cut it off at 100 responses but ended up receiving 126. In order to make it easier to focus on each question, I have decided to break the answers out over six posts.

Question: 1    My Bricks and Mortar Business Is Currently:

Respondents had an opportunity to reply with one of four options, their facilities were closed, closed physically but open online, open but reduced hours or open with normal hours. I knew places of business were closed in many areas but was surprised that only 11% of respondents indicated that they were open with normal hours. That, plus 41% are not operating at all (neither physically or digitally) brings home the impact Coronavirus is having on the toy industry's businesses.


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