A Follow Up: 10 Retailers Who Have Cancelled Their January, Hong Kong Trips

On November 22, I published an article entitled: "10 Retailers Who Have Cancelled Their January, Hong Kong Trips." In that article, I wrote as follows: "Though I have received these names from sources, which I deem to be reliable, the information is second hand. If you have alternative information please let us know."

In response, one individual responded to the list as follows: "I know of three companies on this list that are very upset that this has been posted."

This is not helpful. The individual making the comment did not provide his or her name. Therefore, by being anonymous they took no responsibility for what they wrote. Secondly, and more troubling, they did not name any of the three retailers. As a result, they provided us with no usable information.

Since the article appeared, I have not been contacted by any of the ten retailers asking me to remove their names or to correct the record. I, therefore, stand by my reporting.

Things have, fortunately, been quiet in Hong Kong for the last few days and retailers may change their minds. If you have useful information please write and let us know.


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