Breaktime: Toy Knockoffs That Were Breathtakingly Horrible

222We in the toy industry despise knockoffs. They steal other people's ideas, turn them into revenue, and diminish the value of the original. Some knockoffs, however, are so ridiculous that they make you marvel. The above looks like a demonically possessed Mickey Mouse or a Mickey Mouse who has turned into a Werewolf or a Weremouse (if there is such a thing).

Who Summoned the Demon Donkey? is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list 47 Hilarious Knock-Off Toys That Just Aren't Quite Right

Demon Donkey and Weremouse would make quite a duo.

Does Blandness Girl aspire to grow up to be Blandness Woman?

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Specialman, the perfect date for Blandness Girl.

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Star Knight looks like Darth Vader meets the New York City Police Department.

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