Store Closings Update


I came upon an article on the Penn Live website detailing anticipated store closings as of mid-year 2019. The article by Daniel Urie, "‘Retail apocalypse’ continues: Thousands of retail stores will close this year", includes a large number of non-toy related retailers. In order to better understand how we in the toy and play industry are affected by the closings, I audited the list and picked out those that will impact us.

I don't care for the term "Retail Apocalypse" as I think it overstates what is happening, which is a natural adjustment to the ever-growing impact of e-commerce and the existence of too many retail outlets.

Here is my edited list:

    Retailer                    Number of Store Closings

    Walmart                                     17

    Bed Bath & Beyond                     40

    Party City                                   45

    CVS                                           46

    Lifeway Christian Resources        170

    Family Dollar                              390

    Kmart / Sears                             Hundreds

    Walgreens / Rite Aid                   600




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