Most Popular Halloween Costumes of the Last 30 Years

DesignTaxi featured a list of the most popular Halloween
costumes of the last 30 years as measured by Spirit Halloween.  Written by Thia Shi Min
and entitled, “Chart: The ‘Most Popular’ Halloween Costumes for the Last 30
” the article does a nice job of tracking the trends.

I analyzed the list and found that nine
originated as movies, eight as television shows and eight as comic books.  The rest derived from music (Lady Gaga and Miley
Cyrus); politics (President Obama) as well as books, wrestling and greeting
cards.  The small and big screens obviously rule and are what make the comic book based characters so hot.

It's  interesting to see how many
of the characters and brands have either stayed around or been reinvented. The most dominating media franchise was
with four characters appearing (Batman, the Joker, Cat Woman and
Robin). StarWars and Spiderman each had two top placements while Star Trek, surprisingly, only had one.


So, what is the common denominator in becoming the top Halloween character?  I think, in most cases, it derives from
the character having a stand out and therefore quickly identifiable physical feature. Jus think of Princess Leia’s honey buns, Elvira’s cleavage or Freddy Krueger’s blade like
fingernails and you see what I mean.

Here they are with original medium in

1983     Princess Leia (Movie)  

1984     Freddy
Krueger (Movie)

1985     Hulk
Hogan (really?? Hulk Hogan, really??) (Wrestling)

1986     Care
Bears (Greeting Cards)

1987     Where’s
Waldo? (Books)

1988     Elvira

1989     Batman
(Comic Books)

1990     Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles (Comic Book)

1991     The
Terminator (Movies)

1992     Cat
Woman (Comic Books)

1993     Barney

1994     Power
Rangers (Television)

1995     Star
Trek (Television)

1996     Batman
& Robin (Comic Books)

1997     Scream

1998     South
Park (Television)

1999     The
Matrix (Movies)

2000     Austin
Powers (Movies)

2001     Saturday
Night Live Cheerleaders (Television)

2002     Spider-Man
(Comic Books)

2003     Pirates
of the Caribbean (Movies)

2004     Sponge
Bob Square Pants (Television)

2005     Star
Wars (Movies)

2006     President
Obama (Politics)

2007     Spider-Man
(Comic Books)

2008     The
Joker (Comic Books)

2009     Vampires

2010     Lady
Gaga (Music)

2011     Jersey
Shore (really??  The Jersey Shore,
Really??) (Television)

2012     The
Avengers (Comic Books)

2013     Twerkin’
Teddy (projected) (Music)

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