Donald Duck, Superman and Other Characters Entering the Public Domain

In February, I wrote about Mickey Mouse entering the public domain in 2024. That means that anyone (even you) can use Mickey Mouse as a character as long as he looks like he did in 1924.

Each country has different laws regarding when copyrights run out. The below dates are for the U.S. Check in your country because it could be sooner or later. Just be careful to speak with a trademark and copyright expert before you do.

And Mickey is not the only character making that journey. Here is a list:

Mickey Mouse 2024

Pluto 2025

Minnie Mouse 2028

Donald Duck 2029

Superman 2033

The Hobbit 2033

Daffy Duck 2033

James Bond 2034

Batman 2034

Captain Marvel 2034

Bugs Bunny 2035

The Flash 2035

Captain America 2036

Aquaman 2036

Wonder Woman 2036

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