The World’s Most Valuable Brands – How Did the Toy Industry Rank?

The Global 500 2023 Ranking is out. Published annually by Brand Directory, it lists the world’s brands based on their value. I reviewed the list and picked out twenty brands that are aligned with the toy industry. Unfortunately, no toy companies made the list. You won’t find Mattel, Hasbro, or Lego.

1 Amazon

5 Walmart

12 Disney

14 Costco

37 Target

70 Universal

81 Dollar General

103 TJ Maxx

107 XBox

157 Activision Blizzard

159 Best Buy

177 Tractor Supply

197 McLane

207 Macy’s

226 Dollar Tree

234 Kohls

281 Dick’s Sporting Goods

309 QVC

334 Family Dollar

383 Burlington

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