Spielwarenmesse 2023 – A Great Experience

Press Preview – Kekz GmbH

It wasn’t “mellow” I was seeing; it was relief.

The Spielwarenmesse is the world’s largest toy event by a magnitude. Those of us fortunate enough to attend had the opportunity to see 1 million unique toys, 2142 exhibitors from 69 countries, filling 17 buildings while 70,000 people streamed through. So, congratulations to the show management for taking all the elements and putting them together to create a seamless show.

This year’s Spielwarenmesse was special because it was the first time in three years that we could get the global toy industry together in one place at one time. Yes, it was good for business, but it was also good for the soul. How wonderful to see old friends and acquaintances shake a hand, give a hug (yes, people are still hugging), be kissed European style on both cheeks, laugh, drink, and enjoy the warmth of an industry that is all about creating ways to play. 

What intrigued me was that this year, everyone seemed so mellow. Typically at trade shows, people are highly intense, trying to squeeze every advantage out of a show they paid dearly to attend. Why were people so laid back? After three years of chaos, they were glad to be doing business in a structured environment. It wasn’t “mellow” I was seeing; it was relief.

I spoke with a number of exhibitors and attendees, and all felt it was an extremely productive show. Why was it productive? Because the show was permeated with an eagerness to do business.

As I was leaving, I ran into an industry veteran and friend. He told me how great the show had been for him and finished by saying, “I just don’t understand why more Americans don’t come to this show?” It’s a good question.

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  1. One of the great honors and experiences of my career was to attend this fantastic show for several years. It was a jaw dropper as well as a energy boost

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