Results: November Inflation Survey Results

Thanks to all those who participated in our latest inflation survey. This edition of the survey asked two questions:

  1. How many price increases have you taken in 2022?

A total of 57% took one or two increases. This did not surprise me as much as the notion that 20% took four or more and 10% took zero. Those who took multiple increases had difficulty keeping pace with the rise in costs. As to those who did not take increases, I am not sure how that was possible in light of inflation.

29% took one price increase

28% took two price increases

13% took three price increases

12% took more than five price increases

10% took zero price increases

8% took four price increases

2. How much have you increased your prices in 2022?

44% of those responding indicated that they hax taken n increase of between ten percent and fifteen percent. Another 15% took increases of between fifteen and twenty-plus percent. When we add those two together, we see that most of the toy industry (59%) took increases of between ten and twenty-plus percent.

44% of respondents took increases between 5 and 10%.

15% of respondents took increases between 15 and 20+%

12% of respondents took increases between 0 and 5%

18% – Five percent increase

17% – Ten percent increase

10% – Twelve percent increase

10% – Fifteen percent increase

8% – Zero percent increase

7% – Twenty percent increase

5% – Two percent increase

5% – Eight percent increase

4% – Nine percent increase

4% – Eleven percent increase

3% – Thirteen percent increase

3% – More than 20%

2% – One percent increase

2% – Four percent increase

2% – Seventeen percent increase

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