The Insights Family Announce Further Details of New Strategy and Appointment of Industry Knowledge Advisory Board [Ad]

The Insights Family – the global leader in kids, teens, parents, and family market intelligence – has today announced the next exciting phase of its future growth strategy, with a significant refresh of how the company does research, data & insights, as well as the appointment of five senior industry executives to join the companies Industry Knowledge Advisory Board.

The Insights Family – which is the only company in the world to provide real-time market intelligence on kids, teens, parents, and families by surveying c700,000 family members across 6 continents and 22 countries – has announced several significant enhancements to its already award-winning service, which will also see elements of the companies’ services become CIPD certified.

Founder of The Insights Family, Nick Richardson comments,

“Over the last few months, I have been able to focus on auditing and reimagining our marketing, product, innovation, and commercial strategy. That process is now complete which means our new strategy brings total alignment across our product, marketing, innovation, and commercial teams. The seven-stage model of how we do research, data & insights essentially enables us to provide our clients with the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why“, and “how”. We have repackaged our proposition and will be launching a series of new products and services, from specific vertical reports based on the success of our quarterly Toys & Games reports, and several exciting new tech innovations which will enable us to put the right intel in the right hands at the right time”

To further help with the delivery of the new strategy, the company has appointed Danielle Davies, Graham Saltmarsh, Ian Wickham, Mario Dubois and Rikhi Narula to its new Industry Advisory Board who will be working closely with Nick to implement the company’s new strategy.

Nick adds,

“I am delighted and honoured to welcome Danielle, Graham, Ian, Mario and Rikhi to our new-look Industry Advisory Board. The board who are representative of our clients, with significant experience across advertising & media, brand management, content, licensing, marketing, product development & management and sales & category management, will translate our market intelligence into our clients’ businesses to help us achieve our mission of being our client’s business-critical partner.”

Danielle Davies:

“Working with The Insights Family has allowed me to see data changing daily.  Using this data, when acquiring and developing content, helps me look ahead at future trends and new markets, and developing content around this provides direction to a new brand.  Never has the international content market been so exciting and challenging with the way brands are consumed on and off screens, and how the industry is learning to adapt, so I’m thrilled to be on the Advisory Board, allowing me to help shape the information and ensure it is shared as widely as possible.”

Graham Saltmarsh:

“I was once told that knowledge is power, I have never seen knowledge in this way… knowledge is smart, it’s insightful, it helps you make better decisions and not only helps you make money it also helps you save money. Why would anyone make decisions in isolation when it is possible to make a better-informed decision using “knowledge”. This is why I’m very happy to be working with Nick and the Insights Family, to help the industry make better informed decision.”

Ian Wickham:

“I am absolutely delighted to be joining TIF as part of their Advisory Board to facilitate and develop sales and category management focus within the business. Dynamic real-time Consumer data is a hugely powerful medium for any Company to take on board, digest and utilise to ensure they remain ahead of the curve in an ever-competitive marketplace and I’m looking forward to assisting in driving this focus through the business.” 

Mario Dubois:

“I’m delighted to be working with The Insight Family to deliver such a game-changing opportunity and business-critical service. Creators and IP holders face an unprecedented challenge in a fiercely competitive market, to be more distinctive, innovative, and original, whilst meeting the demands of their audiences. In my 30 years of working in the media and content industry at a senior level, never has the detailed level of performance analysis and data, astute level of insight, and ability to apply this knowledge to IP and brand development, been so necessary and valuable. Enabling businesses to understand their markets, recognise future potential, and understand competition, thereby delivering growth and success is vital.”  

Rikhi Narula

“I am delighted to be on the Advisory Board to support the team with a voice from the Asia-Pacific region. The rapid changes to kids’ and families’ lifestyle in recent times and shifting consumption patterns have far-reaching impact. And hence the need for data and insights into kids and families has never been greater. The Insights Family’s tools to access real-time, relevant, and actionable information are truly a game-changer for any consumer company. I look forward to working with Nick and the wider team to bring their research, data & insights to a wider audience.”

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