Jay Foreman on the New Rules of Engagement in Hong Kong

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Jay Foreman wrote me as follows: I”’m starting to hear and see reports of other toy company executives heading over to Hong Kong. I will be going back over for the holidays and to be there the first week or so of January in case anyone show up to buy toys! I thought the below would be helpful to your readers.”

Below are the new rules of engagement in Hong Kong. The bottom line is that you test before you leave and register. They will test you when you arrive, and you will be tested two days later. You can go outside, walk around, shop, or visit your office immediately. You must wait until your third day to go to bars and restaurants (take out, delivery, and room service meals only). Once you cross the third day and pass the second required test, you are free to roam! The only last thing is a few R.A.T.s for a few more days.  Also, the good news is you can stay in any hotel you choose instead of designated quarantine hotels. Rates are as low as at any time in years.

Currently: in-person testing is two (only on Day 0 upon arrival and 2). If the 2nd nucleic acid in-person test result is negative, your Q.R. code will automatically change to Blue.

Here are some helpful websites.




R.A.T. means Rapid Antigen Test.  You need to upload the photo of the testing result into the Gov’t system.   You can bring them or have your office or hotel source them for you locally.

You are restricted from restaurants/bars from Day 0 to Day 2.  You can enter restaurants on the 3rd full day if the testing result is negative.

Please refer the attached guideline (see below).   Remember to complete the online Health Declaration form before boarding. You might be asked to show this before you board your flight out of your home country and when you arrive in HK.

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