The Toy Intelligencer and Global Toy News Are Merging

One year ago, we launched The Toy Intelligencer as a way to dig deeper into issues confronting the toy industry. In doing so, we experimented with a paywall. Quite a few of you subscribed to The Toy Intelligencer, and we thank those who did. However, the paywall prevented much of the industry from taking advantage of Toy Intelligencer’s research and analysis.

As a result of our review, we have decided to merge The Toy Intelligencer with Global Toy News and remove the paywall. So, look for TTI data and information on your Global Toy News feed.

Here are some of the TTI topics we will be covering on Global Toy News.

TTI Composite Toy Stock Index

Container Pricing (LA, NY, Rotterdam)

Inflation index

Currency Valuations

Toy Related Movie Box Office

Toy Related Movie Release Schedule

Trade Fair Schedules

Birth Rates by Country

Child Population Per Country

TTI Toy Inflation Index

We will be updating and rolling out these sections over the next month.

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