Quotes with my Coffee #8: Disney Passes Netflix, Pokemon Kids are Now Parents, and Supply Chain Easing

Bucking a streaming slowdown that has recently bedeviled Hollywood, Disney+ added 14.4 million subscribers in the most recent quarter, about 45 percent more than Wall Street had expected and lifting Disney’s portfolio of streaming services to 221 million subscribers worldwide, edging ahead of Netflix for the first time.

“Disney Profit Jumps 50 Percent, and Streaming Subscribers Surpass Netflix,” Brooks Barnes, New York Times

The 26-year-old Pokémon franchise is one of the highest grossing media franchises in the world, right next to Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse. And the kids who grew up catching Pokémon are now parents.”

[Millineals are one of the first generations ] “where that is very possible, and probably a little more normal, for video games or media to be shared between adults and children.”

Hasbro, Gerrick johnson, bmo equity research, July 20, 2022

Global supply chain pressures have been showing signs of easing, a trend that should translate into less pricing pressure on goods in the months to come.

“Supply chain bottlenecks have reduced, providing relief.,“New York times, august 11, 2022

The reduction in Hong Kong’s mandatory hotel quarantine period to three days from seven will come as a welcome relief to many in a pandemic-weary population. Whether it will do much to revive the financial center’s international competitiveness is far more doubtful. In a world where most of its rivals abandoned Covid curbs months ago, the city still looks like a global outlier stuck in a time warp.

“Hong Kong Fiddles While the World Moves On,” Matthew brooker, bloomberg, August 8, 2022

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