King Bee Toys Fills Us In On China’s Most Popular Toys

King Bee Limited was launched in 2012 to develop Mainland China and the Asian toy markets for branded toys, and consumer products. The company specializes in manufacturing, distribution, and importation. King Bee Limited is a division of Wong Hau Plastic Works and Trading Company Limited which has been engaged in OEM, ODM, and OBM manufacturing for sixty-six years.

China is the second biggest consumer products market in the world, so we wanted to know what toys are the big sellers in China. We went to King Bee Toys for an answer. KingBee is one of the largest toy distributors in China, and here is what they list as the top-selling toys for the first half of 2022:

The selection, though different then what is currently popular in the west, gives us an idea of what kinds of toys are popular in China.

It breaks out as follows:

4 Novelty Toys

2 Science and Nature Kits

2 Guns (one magnetic and one water)

1 Action Figure

1 Flying Toy

1 Kitchen Set

1 Sliding Block Puzzle

1 Bubble Toy

1 Stuffed Animal

1 Craft Kit

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