The Spielwarenmesse #5 – Taking the Plane and Train to Nuremberg

The Spielwarenmesse takes place in the historic city of Nuremberg. There is much to see, eat and drink in the city. There are some outstanding museums (even a toy museum), Gothic architecture, lots of beer and sausage, and they are all surrounded by a medieval wall.

However, before you enjoy Nuremberg and the Spielwarenmesse, you have to get there. That means traveling by air to Frankfurt, Amsterdam, or another hub and then taking a second flight to Nuremberg. Or, if you would rather not take that second air leg, you can take a high-speed train from Frankfurt airport to the heart of Nuremberg.

Here are some of the airlines that fly non-stop from North America to Frankfurt:

New York City (7 hours, 45 minutes) – Lufthansa, United

Chicago (8 hours, 30 minutes) – United, Lufthansa

Los Angeles (11 hours, 5 minutes) – Lufthansa, United

Toronto (7 hours, 40 minutes) – Air Canada, Lufthansa

Montreal (7 hours, 10 minutes) – Air Canada, Lufthansa

The train leaves directly from the Frankfurt airport. Train tickets start at around $20, and the trip takes 2 hours and twenty minutes. I have taken the train, and I prefer it as it runs frequently, and there are no delays.

A lot of people take the train and the airport is well signed so you should have no problem finding your way. You can buy your train tickets by clicking here, or you can purchase them in Frankfurt.

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