Toy Industry History: Barry Schwartz on 50 Years of Making Hits

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Richard and Chris talk to Barry Schwartz of Schwartz PR about his
incredible career. From his start as a kid in vaudeville, Barry moved into PR
(another kind of showbiz, he notes) and was the creative and PR force behind
many hits of the mid-20th Century. From introducing LEGO and the Othello game
to the United States, to launching Hello Kitty in America to the recent TOTY
winner Create-A-Castle, Barry shares stories of how this happened and how the
world of PR has evolved over nearly half a century. This is must-listen industry
history, direct from someone who lived it and created it.

In The Endcap, Chris and Richard talk about the potential demise of The Star
Ferry in Hong Kong. It’s a lighthearted, but heartfelt, conversation about a
fixture of Hong Kong, which may be going away. (40 minutes)

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