Quotes With Your Coffee #1

New from Global Toy News – A series of stimulating quotes to read while drinking your coffee.

A major industrial conglomerate has resorted to buying washing machines and tearing out the semiconductors inside for use in its own chip modules, according to the CEO of a company central to the chipmaking supply chain.

“Chip-Starved Firms Are Scavenging Silicon From Washing Machines,” Debbie Wu, bloomberg news, April 20, 2022

Batteries are the new oil — and the U.S. is lagging behind Europe and China in the race to make them.

The race to dominate the new battery economy,” Joan Muller, Axios, April 21, 2022

Netflix was worth $306 billion as recently as November last year, and it was bigger than Walt Disney Co. Now, it’s worth $100.5 billion. Its value has crashed after both its last two earnings reports.

“The Bulls Go Out to Pasture, and Netflix Gets Trampled,” John Authers, Bloomberg, April 21, 2022

You don’t forget your first ride on the Star Ferry. On a bright day, jagged rows of glass skyscrapers gleam in the sun and the cerulean shades of the harbor pop. On a foggy day, neon billboards pulse. The air is salty, the breeze a plus.

There’s the dum-dum-dum sound of the engine, softened by the swoosh of waves hitting the boat. There’s the rattle of the benches, each seat etched with a star. And the quiet choreography of the ferry sailor tossing a worn rope to a pier sailor. Plus the smell of diesel fuel.

Aboard the Star Ferry in Hong Kong,” Alexandra stevenson, New York Times, April, 202022

Blame the rise of e-commerce for (at least some of) the inflation we’re seeing. We no longer live in a “Price is Right” world where any given item has a knowable true price that is broadly unchanged from day to day or from store to store…Instead, prices are constantly fluctuating and unpredictable — which makes them much easier to raise.

Axios Markets, Felix Salmon, April 22, 2022

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