The Most Popular Retro Toy In Every State

Article by Spilsbury.

Do you remember that one toy you were obsessed with growing up? Maybe you were a Hot Wheels kid, or maybe you loved cooking brownies in your Easy Bake Oven. 

Thoughts of our beloved childhood toys got the team at Spilsbury feeling nostalgic. The toy and game company wanted to know how much those retro toys are worth now and what the most popular retro toy in every state is. They compiled a list of our favorite throwback toys, then analyzed Google Trends over the past 12 months to determine each state’s favorite toy. 

The Most Popular Retro Toys in the US:

#1 The overall most popular retro toy in the country is Barbie, ranking #1 for search volume in 13 states including Florida, Texas, and Virginia. 

#2 Hot Wheels: The tiny cars ranked #1 for search volume in 9 states, including California and New Mexico.

#3 PlayStation: The iconic gaming console won 6 states overall, Oklahoma and Kentucky included. 

  • The toy with the highest inflation is Monopoly. Once priced at $2 in the 1930s, this game now retails for over $20. 
  • Mr. Potato Head came in 2nd, with an inflation rate of 7.7%. 

You can check out the most popular retro toy in your state here. You’re welcome to use the data and graphics in an article. Please let me know if you have any questions about the research. 

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