Toy Matchmaker: A New Service from Global Toy Experts

Created initially to help alleviate empty shelves and retailer out-of-stock issues due to supply chain disruptions, Global Toy Experts has created a Toy Matchmaking service to connect suppliers who have toy inventory in-country and retailers who need toy inventory, a.s.a.p. Toy Matchmaker has at its core the mission of assisting with short and long-term stability of the toy economy.

Although the new service will be crucial for suppliers and retailers during the next two to three months, we anticipate that inventory and planogram holes will be a recurring challenge for the foreseeable future.

Click here to visit Toy Matchmaker.

Here is how Toy Matchmaker works:

Suppliers can post a list of products and categories of products they have for immediate shipment. A manufacturer’s requirement for posting is that the products are currently warehoused in the USA and available for immediate shipment. Suppliers can also view specific requests from retailers.

Similarly, retailers can post a wish list of the types of products they are seeking or peruse currently available listings.

There is no cost to retailers. There will be no cost to the supplier to post products. GTE will collect a small fee from the supplier upon completion of a successful transaction.

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