Things Are Getting Better…Kind Of

It appears that the supply chain is starting to loosen up a little. That seems to be the consensus between several media outlets I follow. Here are some examples:

Supply-Chain Problems Show Signs of Easing,” Wall Street Journal

Container Logjam Eases as L.A. Port Threatens Penalties,” Bloomberg

The US supply chain crisis is already easing,” The Economic Times

The U.S. Supply-Chain Crisis Is Already Easing,” Bloomberg

The reasons cited for the improvement are: The fall in the cost of containers, big retail inventories (particularly in the largest retailers), less congestion at the west coast ports, and factories are reopening in Vietnam after a Covid breakout.

Now for my “Kind Of” caveat in the title of this article. Things do appear to be getting better.  If, however, your products have not yet been unloaded, you are not going to get them in time for Christmas. That is not good news.or Christmas.

Never-the-less, we can all use some good news. Happy Thanksgiving.

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