The Toy Intelligencer is Now LIVE – Sign Up Today to Get November FREE!

The first 100 people to sign up for a subscription to The Toy Intelligencer will get the month of November FREE!

Chris Byrne and I are happy to announce that the new The Toy Intelligencer website is now LIVE and ready for you to sign up. We’ve been working very hard on compiling this research and data for The Toy Intelligencer and will continuously update this living document with the latest information to keep you up to date on the Toy Industry Business. The Toy Intelligencer will provide you with proprietary information, both quantitative and qualitative, that will keep you ahead of the competition.

The Toy Intelligencer is a new kind of information source for the toy industry.

Read “The Toy Intelligencer” and get access to our exclusive “Toy Stock Index” and keep up to date with the latest container prices. You will get up-to-date port updates and learn about what products children are requesting. You will get an expert’s critique of the year’s newest toys and an overview of the year’s hottest trends. Find out about movie releases, box office results, toy industry inflation, the year’s hottest toys, the demographics you need to understand the future of play, and so much more.

And don’t miss our proprietary breakdown of this year’s Walmart, Target, and Amazon hot toy lists. We sliced and diced them, so you know what the biggest retailers are doing with retail price points, product selection, and what they are betting will be the year’s hottest toys. You will also gauge the strategies of the industry major toy companies by comparing their products, their prices, and which of their toys made the grade.

Richard Gottlieb | Global Toy Experts
Chris Byrne | The Toy Guy®

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