Streaming Wars: Netflix Fires Back At Amazon With Walmart Merchandise Deal

Gary Symons, Editor in Chief of The Licensing Letter, is a 35-year multi-award-winning journalism and media relations veteran. Mr. Symons has derived a wealth of experience and knowledge from his years in journalism and as an entrepreneur, having founded a successful tech company and later a consultancy, “Deep Incite.” Gary returned to journalism in 2020 when he joined The Licensing Letter. Mr. Symons has just completed his first novel, Burning Earth: Climate Wars, “about the geopolitical conflicts created by runaway global warming.”

Gary Symons, Editor in Chief of The Licensing Letter

The world’s leading streamer Netflix has signed a key deal with retail giant Walmart to market merchandise based on popular shows on its service. Experts in the licensing industry believe the move is partly a long-planned expansion of Netflix’s already announced Consumer Products strategy, but also a response to moves made by competitor Amazon Prime Video over the past month. Walmart announced this week that it has created a dedicated ecommerce site to sell Netflix merchandise, a move that will give the streamer much more visibility on an ecommerce destination that attracts hundreds of millions of consumers. This is also the first time that Netflix has ever created a dedicated, branded commerce hub on another company’s website.


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