Toys “R” Us Rises from the Dead. Second Time in Four Years.

Toys R Us has announced that it is returning to life. This will be Toys R Us’ second comeback in the last four years. As you can imagine, their comeback has merited a great deal of press reaction.

The Real Deal led its story with this headline: “Toys R Us To Be Resurrected Inside 400 Macy’s Locations.” Gizmodo went a bit darker: “The Corpse of Toys R Us Will Rise Once Again.” CNN’s headline carried a cynical tone. It read: “Toys R Us Is Back…again.”

The company announced it will work with Macy’s to create 400 stores within a store. Toys R Us will undoubtedly have its work cut out for it as they get ready to compete for Christmas shoppers starting in a couple of months.

Let’s hope they already have product in their warehouses because, like everyone else, importing goods from China will have a rough time getting inventory on shelves.

Nevertheless, it could be a win-win for Macy’s and Toys R Us. Macy’s, which traditionally attracts female shoppers, will draw families. Toys R Us, which opened and then closed two stores in malls (blame Covid), will get greater exposure and an opportunity to gain some heft by having the buying power to secure favorable pricing.

The industry can well use another 400 toy stores: Bon Voyage Toys R Us and Macy’s.

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