The World’s Most Valuable Toy and Toy-Related Brands

Kantar BrandZ this month released its ranking of the world’s most valuable brands. As you would imagine, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Tencent make up the top 5.

But what are the most valuable Toy and Toy-Related brands? In other words, companies that either make or sell toys and those who create intellectual property licensed by toy companies.

I studied the Kantar list, and here are the most valuable Toy and Toy-Related brands:

#1 Amazon is currently the number 2 retailer in the world. They are expected to pass Walmart in 2021. Its streaming platform Amazon Prime provides child and family-oriented movies and animation licensed by toy companies.

#5 Tencent is a Chinese multinational conglomerate active in gaming, comics, movies, streaming video, e-commerce, and more.

#7 Alibaba is a Chinese multi-national company active in e-commerce, retail, and the Internet.

#9 McDonalds is the largest producer of toys in the world via its Happy Meals.

#24 Netflix provides its own intellectual property and supports third-party properties that toy companies can license.

#30 Walmart is currently the number 1 retailer in the world.

#33 The Walt Disney Company is the world’s largest provider of child and family friendly intellectual property.

#39 YouTube is a provider of intellectual property to, and advertising for, the toy industry.

#44 is a Chinese B to C retailer.

#45 TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing company that is one of the top influencers for children’s products. It is moving into e-commerce.

#55 Costco is the World’s fifth-biggest retailer and a major seller of toys.

#59 Xbox is a video gaming platform that features characters and brands that are popular in toys.

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