New Generation, New Markets: The Evolution of Madame Alexander

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Listen in as Richard and Chris talk to David Morgenstern, VP of Sales for Madame Alexander. Over his 25-year tenure with Madame Alexander, Morgenstern has overseen the transformation of the company from a collectible business to a broad-based play doll company, which Madame herself intended when she started the company in 1923. Morgenstern recounts the history of the company and how the new lines, designs, and distribution channels reflect the needs of the Millennial mom.

In The Endcap, Chris and Richard talk about a new Axios study that ranks companies based on their reputations among consumers. Is this a meaningful data point, and what could it indicate about strategies for companies in a dynamic marketplace? (30 minutes)

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  1. How do I get my madame Alexander dolls eyes back to the original color. They have faded over time. Never been out of the boxes until today. The company is responsible, since they made the dolls. I have two african american dolls that the eyes have changed and needs repairing. Please advise.

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